Ajit Doval meets with Chinese Security counterpart amid Doklam Standoff


Indian and Chinese security advisors are going to meet with five nation BRICS (Brazil – Russia – India – China – South Africa) to be held in Beijing on Friday with talks of Doklam border heavily on both minds.

Mr Ajit Doval has urged BRICS countries to show leadership in countering terrorism and make more collection efforts towards better future. Although the global importance has improved over the years for BRICS countries but there is strong need to stand united on many fronts is still missing.

There were serious concerns on the international borders rising with Doklam standoff with both countries getting their armies enhancing on the tri-junction point. The meeting between the Indian-chinese counterpart Mr Doval and Mr Yang Jiechi held which included bilateral talks, border issues and set aside China’s position on this standoff respectively.

Although Chinese Media has clearly stated that they should prepare for war on that front but the Chinese officials gave away conciliatory signals with emphasis on the mutual trust for both countries have and termed them as “not born rivals”. These are strong words being commented from Xinhua News Agency for avoiding the war in any case “Most economies, including those in the West, will find themselves negatively affected by an India-China war in a globalised and intertwined world today,” On similar terms Delhi center government also pointed reminding China of the peace and tranquility pact of 1993 among the two nations.

Doklam is tipped as the tri-junction point between Bhutan, India and China. As China started building road on that front Bhutan complained this unauthorized construction to India as they placed their army there but this is seen by Chinese for intrusion by Indian army on Chinese Soil terming as trespassing.