Baloch Leaders To Protest In Berlin Against China Pakistan Economic Corridor


Beijing is now founding itself in a crunch situation as it’s multi billion dollars project ‘China Pakistan Economic Corridor’ is being widely protested from a group of Balochis.

A gang of exiled Baloch leaders and activists have decided to gather at Berlin in Germany on August 11in the bid to enhance the intensity of the protest against CPEC which is still under construction.
On Friday, an event named ‘China’s One Belt One Road Initiative – It’s Adverse Impact on Balochistan and it’s region’s is scheduled to be organised by the European branch of Baloch National Movement.
BNM’s foreign secretary Hammal Haidrr said, “The purpose of Berlin conference is to engage scholars and intellectuals from all reound the world to have an open debate on China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative.There is a growing resentment in Balochistan against CPEC and OBOR.”
It needs to be kept in mind that the protest is happening at a time when Indian and Chinese military are going through a standoff in Sikkim’s Doklam region as the a military construction unit tried to build a road there which Indian authorities strictly opposed.
The OBOR project was undertaken by China in 2013 and the country has been making relentless efforts to make the project a success. The project has been renamed to Belt and Road Initiative as more countries are getting involved in this project.
For the Balochis who have been in a state of constant agitation with the government since they reckon that they have been ill treated by the Pakistani government, the CPEC is no way an economic project but a deliberate effort to import migrants from several parts of Pakistan to change the current demography of the land.
The Balochis believe that in the name of CPEC, both Pakistan and China are trying to strengthen the military hold in Balochistan’s coastal areas which will disturb the security if the region.