Is there any Candidate for next Lok Sabha Elections 2019?


With victories emerging from all national polls and civic bodies BJP is riding on the Modi factor for so long that there is hardly any candidate who can even stand to compete against such a juggernaut something which Indians politics had not seen since the Independence.

With Bihar CM collaborating with BJP again there is hardly any one left in the opposition on the national front. Congress with less than ten percent in the last polls are still struggling with their leadership under Rahul Gandhi and promising chances are for Priyanka Gandhi only but with all the hype and political results this juggernaut of BJP looks unstoppable.

Mamta Bannerjee was recently chosen as the most popular Chief Minister in India overtaking Bihar CM Nitish after his mingling with BJP further drowned his status somehow looking tumultuous to public eye. Although local polls are hardly gives the worth they stand for but is she the only one standing against the Centre? Well it seems that standing alone might be the only factor that is favoring the Mamta Bannerjee for now.

In the eyes of critics and public opinion TINA (there is no alternative) has come a lot as there is hardly anyone who can compete with current Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi signifying the world more and more with TIMO (there is Modi only).

Most Surveys conducted in the public views have thrown dominating favour in the Modi popularity rising and giving him  the status of one to guide a country of billions India in future with hopes and expectations his leadership has given to millions of people.

Major Reforms after reforms, Demonetization and GST taxes were brought in the public still they are in his side even though the progress of the country halted a bit due to these decisions and difficulties they faced. Public is loving his leadership, as one for building strong and powerful nation for future generations.