The changes that Donald Trump’s deportation plan brought for illegal immigrants


With Trump’s executive orders, the officials will be able to detain and deport illegal immigrants whenever they find them. These immigrants can be deported. Under the Obama administration illegal immigrants who were not involved in crimes were at a low risk of being deported.

The Obama administration had stopped the Secure Communities program. This program scanned the immigration databases in order to identify people in jail. The border agents could then ask the local officials to hand over the illegal immigrant who had to be deported. Trumps memo indicates that this program may be restarted.


Under the Trump administration, officials will have the authority to deport the illegal immigrants even if they have impending cases on them in the US courts. Trump’s memo also indicates that US can send immigrants who have crossed to border back to Mexico even if they belong to other countries.

As per the new directive immigrants caught crossing the border illegally can face criminal charges. As per the new policy there would be fast track deportation of unaccompanied children and investigation will be done about the immigration status of their parents and guardians any illegal activities connected with the illegal immigration of children in US.