Chinese media reports that the competition in space has begun with the India’s record satellite launch


According to some officials in China , after the record satellite launch by India Beijing will have to pull up its sleeves and work hard to put their commercial rocket launches on the fast track.

According to the director with the new technology department of the Shanghai Engineering Centre for Microsatellites, Zhang Yonghe, this launch clearly showed that India had the potential of sending commercial satellites into space at competitive rates. Zhang also pointed out that India definitely scored better than China in terms of promoting its launch services internationally. He also said that India was already a step ahead of China with the Mars mission and now India stole the show by launching 104 satellites into the orbit from a single rocket.

Global time’s reports also pointed the same thing as Zhang. These reports too said that India’s satellite launch was its new victory post the successful Mars mission of 2014. China had faced Mars failure in 2012 and its 103 small satellites belonged to other countries.

The Daily, which is a part of the Communist Party of China Publications, praised ISRO’s achievement but also pointed out that this would have a limited impact. The report said that though they respected the military and commercial rocket launch services of India, they still felt that India was still far behind China, The USA and Russia. They said that India still needs enough rocket types to match up with these countries.

Xue Lijun, general manager assistant of Shenzhen Aerospace Dongfanghong Development Ltd too shared similar opinion. He too felt that this was just a victory in terms of numbers and not in terms of technology. He said that all the satellites were still in the same orbit, which showed that India still did not have the competence to send multiple satellites in various orbits. He felt that India needs to avoid conflict among satellites.