Choose Water Over Cold Beverages To Stay Fit This Summer


As the mercury keeps on rising, the heat has started to take toll on the north Indian plains with loo adding to the misery. Doctors and fitness experts are opining to choose water over other cold beverages in the bid to beat the heat during the summer months. Drinking 8 glasses of water per day will keep you safeguarded from the whole lot of health issues that are occur in the months of summer.

Identifying dehydration as you prime enemy especially in the months of May and June, Dr Pinaki Khashnobish advised that drinking water is the best way to save your body from running out of fluid.

“These are the two months when the temperature stays very high. One is prone to get dehydrated wich can cause cramps and sprains in the body. Sweating drains out a lot of fluid from the body. If one drinks around 8 glasses of water, the crucial electrolytes that flow out of the body get replaced,” Dr Khashnobish told MSMN.

Speaking about the rise in cold drink consumption, Dr Khashnobish highlighted that regular consumption of carbonated and artificially flavoured beverages cause several compication in the human body. The effects may not be felt immediately but in the long run, these beverages may cause harm to the body.

He also said that if the body remains hydrated, fatigue and tiredness reduces.

“Cold drinks intake increases exponentially in summer. But daily consumption can be harmful for health. Diabetes, increase in blood pressure and cholesterol and gastroenterological disorders can happen due to over consumption of such drinks,” said Dr Khashnobish.

Apart from being a preventive measure for dehydration the doctor further mentioned that drinking water improves digestive system. He said, “Constipation and acidity are closely linked. If bowel clearance is not proper, acidity will not get cured. If one drinks proper quantity of water every day, the clearance process will remain regularised.”

He further said that proper consumption of water can keep one’s skin healthy as the toxic compounds get flushed out of the body. The skin will have natural glow. The roughness of the skin will reduce too.

As the food habits are changing rapidly, there are many people who work out dedicatedly each day for hour in the bid to stay lean and fit. Dinesh Thapa, a gym trainer by profession, told MSMN that there is no substitute of drinking ample amount of water if one wants to loose weigh rapidly. He said, “If you drink around approximately 2 litre of water everyday your chances of reducing weight increases significantly.” The necessity of water consumption lays in the fact that it kills the hunger for extra food.