Delhi University’s Free Coaching Initiative Highly praise by Students And Educationists


At a time when higher education in the entire country in the entire country is becoming extremely costly with every passing day, the Delhi University has taken an exemplary step in the bid to ensure that its underprivileged students do not feel left out in the race of gaining knowledge. Sponsored by Delhi University, the initiative named as “Summer School” is providing free coaching to as many as 500 aspiring post-graduation students on several subjects.

While interacting with a news agency, one of the officials of DU said that the programme has received massive support from the student community. According to the Programme Coordinator Shrikant Kukreti, the response and the outcome of the initiative has been highly satisfactory.

Shrikant Kukreti, Professor of the Chemistry Department said, “The initiative has yielded good response. The idea behind it was to extend help to those who cannot afford coaching classes and thus lag behind in the race. We expanded the disadvantaged classes clause to include Kashmiri migrants, and financially hard-ups, who may not otherwise get reservation.”

Along with English and Maths, classes on Law, Physics and Zoology classes comprises the curriculum of the much appreciated Summer School. As far as the popularity of the subjects is concerned, a whooping figure of 242 students has opted for the free Law classes. While Zoology and Physics classes have attracted 53 ad 50 students respectively, 82 students have enrolled for the English classes while the <Maths class comprises of 73 pupils.

The Delhi University has also issued identity cards for those who have opted for these free classes. Kukreti said that the idea of providing ID cards was to ensure that the students feel that “they belong to the university”.

This benevolent initiative of Delhi University has been highly praised by educationists all over the country. One of the professors of a college under University of Calcutta Arup Ratan Archarjee observed that such steps needs to be replicated by education institutions all over India in order to ensure that meritorious students never feel left out due to lack of financial support.

“We do not lack in talent. Our students require the assistance to break the barriers of poverty and establish them. Congratulations to the Delhi University authority for undertaking such an initiative. In fact, I believe that this model must be education institutions at all levels must follow this model (of providing free coaching) so that the disadvantaged students get a fair opportunity in terms of gaining knowledge,” said Archarjee.