Exclusive Interview with Dr. Anand Krishna Ghosh who runs free homeopathic Clinic for last 15 years

Anand Ghosh

(One on one with Dr. Anand Krishna Ghosh)

(Meet the homeopathic Doctor; offering free services for last 15 years)

In Indian society there are many names that are remembered for their life time services and gets awarded. Still there are few who work for betterment of people anonymously without any return, today we interviewed one that has been offering free homeopathic medicine for last 15 years. Anand Krishna Ghosh is one personality who uses his humane skills to get connected with people. Inheriting public services from family inheritance and son already a World Bank manager, He is already achieved everything in his life.

Below transcript offers some of his ideas, inspirations and overall life journey till now.

Q. Can you give short brief info about your life journey till now?

A. (Anand) was born in Kanpur in 1940. My father was textile designer and worked for UP Handlooms and my mother was home maker. I was in DAV College doing my B.Sc when I saw Indian Air Force was recruiting science students for their technical wing. Without completing my graduation, I joined IAF in 1956 at the age of 16 years. Graduated from Air Force Technical College, Jalhali in 1960 and was inducted in Base Repair Department (BRD). (He)Took voluntary retirement from IAF in 1975 to join National Physical Laboratory under Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.(thereafter) Retired from NPL in the year 2000.

Q. Since how many years you are doing this cause?

A. Was interested in alternative medicines right from the beginning and was trying homeopathic medicines on my own family members for common ailments. Post retirement, I thought of taking this on full time basis. Since I do not have a formal degree in medicines (though I have a certificate from India Institute of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata, the certificate is not valid in Delhi), I started giving medicines to people whom I know. Gradually with mouth of word, it got expanded.

Q. If you have to describe the one person behind your inspiration for these humane services?

A. Possibly my wife of last 50 years. She is my biggest supporter. (Laughs)

Q. Do you raise funds for these services and how you manage things financially?

A. (I) Use my pension money to buy medicines.

Q. What inspires you to be connected with social services?

A. My own family. The family, I come from have always believed in charity. I have seen my father doing the same (not in the line of medicine though). Our kitchen in Kanpur was always open to poor and needy. Several people who have come to me with a hope and I have been able to help them out. This keeps me going.

Q. What are the problems that you see in this modern India and specific solution for those?

A. In India, the biggest issue is indiscipline which eventually get manifested in form of corruption. The solution to this must come from within. I do not think any outside agency be it government or anybody else can inculcate discipline.

Q. Do you feel connected with people for giving these services? Please describe the inner feelings!

A. Helping someone comes from the gene. As I said earlier, we always believed in charity, so I have seen this right from my childhood. So, this was nothing new

Q. How do you envision these Services?

A. To ensure that people have long and healthy life.

Q. Any special memories where you felt connected to any incident?

A. I do not remember any such incident. I guess every day is a challenge. People trust me and that in itself is a big achievement and I am proud of that.

Q. What are your thoughts on where India of today is lacking?

A. India has come a long way – be it economy; sports; or science. Since this is an evolving process, it will not be right to say that we are lacking in certain fields. If something that we need to improve upon is our own discipline as I said earlier.

Let’s hope Mr Anand Krishna Ghosh continues his good work for ages to come!
We at MSMN give all the good wishes for serving people with better care!