Indian Doctor Stabbed to Death in US Kansas

Image used for representation Hindustan times

In shocking and horrifying news, Dr Achutha Reddy an 57 year-old Telangana doctor was declared dead after being found in alley behind hid office with one of his patient arrested for doing this heinous crime.

Patient arrested is identified as Umar Rashid Dutt in records even though police have not publicized his name. He was caught after security people found one person suspicious in nearby with blood stains on his shirt. The whole scenario turned out be begin in his office and then as the doctor ran for his being chased & simultaneously killed in the nearby lane.
Dr Achutha Reddy was psychiatrist and was given high respect for his quality services in the community. “The Medical Society is heartbroken over the loss of Reddy”, were the word of Denis Knight, president of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County.

He introduced the Yoga treatment in the their medical services which he often termed as “Absolute Yoga” after himself suffering from 10 years of chronic pain in the back itself.

In another similar incident Srinivas Kuchibhotla was also killed in racist attack that was under the hate crime but Dr Reddy death might be just part of the patient treatment gone completely wrong.