Local shops in TN boycott Pepsi Coke products in order to encourage local brands


Commercial shops in TN have taken a decision which can result in loss of several crores to PepsiCo and Coke. The Tamil Nadu Vanigar Sangangalin Peramaippu ( TNVSP) said that all the shops which are affiliated to them will follow this decision of boycott. However bigger super markets and shopping malls have said that they need some time but the response from them is also encouraging and they are going to hold a meeting with the members of TNVSP in order to work out a date for the boycott. This decision was taken in order to encourage local soft drinks brands.

According to TNVSP the boycott mainly aimed at encouraging the sale of local brands which are getting killed by the Cola giants. They also felt that this will encourage youth to opt for healthier local brands. They also pointed out the Cola giants were using up the scarce water resources. The representatives’ said that the local shopkeepers were resisting the tempting offers from the cola giants in order to support the boycott. However some shopkeepers who did not participate in the boycott said that they feel everyone has the right to choose what they want.

The Indian Beverage Association which represents the Cola giants issued a statement that they were disappointed with the ban. They said that both the companies are registered in the country and follow the rules and regulations. They also pointed out that these companies provided directed and indirect employment to several families across the country.