Monsoon Rains Arrive One Week Earlier Than Expected


Andaman and Nicobar part of the farthest India’s east coast got the first taste of this year Monsoon rains with 6 days earlier than expected date of 20th May which were good signs already for this year.

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has also announced that this year Indian will receive higher rainfall than forecasted as the concerns over El-Nino surroundings has eased.

However IMD officials confirmed that heat wave across the country will prevail for this week as well after that there might be change in the weather few areas due to low pressure build up.

While Aurangabad also got the early monsoon showers resulting in considerable drop in the temperature of the local conditions and IMD has further predicted rain or thundershowers in few places at Marathwada in the coming week.

Indian economy still is largely based on the agriculture production which is direct result of the amount of rainfall it receives through this Monsoon period.

Monsoon phenomenon which is based on global factors over Pacific Ocean is seen as big impact on the local Indian crops of Rice, Corn, Cane, Cotton and Soybeans respectively.

With US agencies confirming the lower probability of El Nino effect this could be right signals for controlling market inflation this season for center government.