Bollywood Thriller Raees Refuted To Hit The Box Office In Pakistan


The blockbuster movie Raees, featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira khan, that was pre-scheduled to hit the box office in Pakistan, witnessed the event of being banned with the cause of inappropriate portrayal of the Muslims. The Censor Board refuted to offer the certificate of release to Raees as it has been said to consist some major unappealing images of Muslims.

Yes, the Censor certificate has not been issued to the film Raees for having inappropriate content”, shared Mubashir Husain, the chairman of Pakistan film censor on Tuesday.  Appropriate cause for the banning of the film has not yet been shared by any higher authority, however, just the content or the plot of the movie has been criticized as it portrays Shah Rukh Khan as a Muslim smuggler who seems to win the state election being in jail.


The national newspaper New Dawn reported the verdict of Censor Board elucidates the reason, “the content undermines Islam, and a specific religious sect, It also portrays Muslims as criminals, wanted persons and terrorist.”

The film was already running under tempestuous water degrading and affecting the relational affair between India and Pakistan. Even the incident that stopped Mahira Khan to promote her film in India due to the fact that Pakistani artists were literally banned in certain attire in India. However, the banning has affected the movie-lovers, resulting into enormous tweets and posts protesting against the ban.

One of the student in Pakistan, Muhammad Waseh, a great fan of Islamabad expressed his grief sharing that he was deadly upset and “outraged” too on the decision made by the Censor Board of Pakistan regarding denial to provide the certificate to Raees. He commented, “There is nothing wrong with the movie but our government is retaliating against Indian for banning our actors from performing in India”.