Red Carpet for PM Modi’s foreign Visit to the US


Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi has started his foreign tour with trips to Portugal, US and Netherlands, while senior administration at Trump administration has said they will roll out the red carpet for PM Modi Visit forwarding the agenda that was previously set by the Obama administration respecting strong US India ties.

PM Modi visit with US President Trump is one that will be watched from both side media as they look further strengthen the ties. Both the leaders are expected to spend five hours together with one-on-one meeting, delegation level meeting, cocktail reception as well as working dinner. This is also supposed to be the first working dinner with foreign leader for US President Donald Trump.

The White House official also pointed the fact both Mr. Trump and Mr. Modi have huge number of Twitter followers with innovative thinking in their working.

Future Defence Cooperation

Defence is strong connection between two nations and it will accelerate further with enhanced cooperation in other fields in energy, specifically natural gas is on agenda this time.  Also there will announcement of anti-terrorist cooperation to take on global effect respectively. India’s request of 22 unarmed Guardian drones will be cleared during PM visit too worth $2 Billion and further enhancing their defence deal of $15 Billion that was signed in the last decade itself.

Being major defence partner India supports thousands of jobs in the U.S. simultaneously there are 64000 jobs are held by Indian population in the US economy on various positions.

“I am very confident that with new admin India-US engagement will only grow stronger and stronger,” was quoted by Navtej Sarna, Indian Ambassador to the US. As there is huge community favouring the leadership of PM Modi in the US and they are looking forward to have special speeches organised specifically.