Ryan School Boy Murder Case that Shocked the Whole Country

Pradyuman Thakur
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When the news started that a 7 year old Pradyumn Thakur was killed in inside premises of Gurgaon’s Ryan International School, there was shock around the whole country and proceedings further opens the loophole in the management of Schools and respectively the investigation being carried out by the police later.

Pradyumn Thakur was found with his throat slit twice near the bath room area where he was carried to hospital to hospital and declared dead thereafter. Parents were told soon and the whole scenario has just come as a disturbing picture of conditions prevailing in the Schools in India.

Police arrived and soon captured the bus conductor Ashok who become the prime suspect in the case with accepted the crime too. But with new findings and statements has completely thrown the case into turmoil.

Witnesses’ statement that Ashok the bus conductor carried the child to the car with two teachers and his confessions soon after makes these things murkier, with his colleague driver Saurabh Raghav  claiming he is just scapegoat in the whole incident.

Gurgaon Police is claiming they have enough evidence to point the case to the culprit Ashok with story of how he was caught by the boy in bathroom as he was masturbating and tried to get hold of the boy who then refused any advances resulting in slit being cut opened by the culprit only. Senior Police officers are sure that the murderer is Ashok only.
School is now closed after massive protests from parents and local for how things were mismanaged in this private school where children’s and staffs were using the same toilets, broken boundary walls protesting with school management. Many CCTV’s were non-operational with only few getting the right pictures.

Ryan founding Chairman Augustine Pinto, 73, and his wife, managing director Grace Pinto, 62 as well as Son Pinto has been put under arrests who have asked the case to be moved out of state for fair trial.

While sobbing parents of the murdered child have asked for CBI enquiry as they are sure that the bus conductor is not the real culprit and management is hiding few facts.