Urjit Patel‘s interview in CNBC reveals the key areas to be reformed for economic growth by Modi Government


RBI Governor Urjit Patel’s interview in CNBC regarding the economic reforms of India has revealed the way to act by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to sustain the economic reforms of the country. Modi Government has to act in ways suggested by RBI Governor to maintain the economic growth of India. The message has been transmitted by RBI Governor through his interview to Modi Government. 1

The areas of labor and land reforms are very sensitive for India and have to be tackled in very wise way as per Urjit Patel. In a question of growth rate of India by network 18 to Urjit Patel, the answer by Urjit Patel was that if fundamental issues like labor and land are handled carefully by India Government, then economic growth rate of India may be higher.

This interview on Urjit Patel regarding Indian economic growth of India , it has been revealed that the government has taken action in handling of tax reforms or other issues , but the other key areas should be focused like land and labor reforms for the direct economic growth of the country.

A reform on GST or Goods and Services tax by Modi Government is no doubt a good effort for economic growth and has turned to be a success as per Urjit Patel. He had also expressed that the key industries should be focused with higher effort for reforms , so that those areas can contribute with much ratio of reforms of economic growth of the country.