Will Metro Card be able make their way in DTC buses?


From August there several sources have confirmed the use of metro cards on Delhi Transport Buses will be available in pilot scheme and if successful the whole buses will be fitted with the system for using this electronic card on these buses.

In these pilot project 200 buses in Delhi with 100 from DTC and other 100 being Cluster ones will allow using this Delhi Smart Cards ticketing to be used inside while travelling in the capital. And if this short term plan is successful then all buses operating under DTC and DIMTS (Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System) for cluster buses will have this electronic technology.

Common Mobility Card which is in similar line being used by cities of London, Seoul, Hong Kong and other international cities was conceptualized in 2010 however due to unforeseen circumstances it was delayed again and again.

Electronic Ticketing Machine (ETM) was installed in few buses last year as try out for reading this card with e-receipt. Software used by DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporations) was also completely integrated with DTC and cluster buses paving the way for mobility card and this scheme is scheduled to start from mid-August onward.

Main issue that was concerning the officials was the revenue sharing among the department but the authorities have sort out the mess. For example if one gets it card top up from DMRC and gets refund from DTC and Vice-versa creating revenue complexities for both but there seems to be no issue with both parties moving ahead with this process now.

With RBI clearing the path for to become part of the system there seems to be no hurdle in bringing this interesting technology at the helm of the public services.