Another Self Styled Godman Rampal fate still hangs in Supreme Court

Baba Rampal

Even after yesterday verdict of Baba Ram Rahim had opened people eye, there is another story of religious leader Rampal who has been acquitted in two of the Criminal cases but still there are other open cases left as the drama continues in Haryana this time in Hisar court.

Another day another story, the cases against the self styled Godman are just not resting in India. This time it is the turn of Sant Satpal who founded Satlok’s Ashram who was Junior engineer and came under the followship of Ramdevanand Maharaj & soon started giving discourses. His numbers are only second to the Gurmeet Ram Rahim all over the country.
In 2006 his religious comments did not bode well other sects and followers took on each other leading up to 1 dead with 29 injured in the whole violence like situations. He was then charged with murder and simultaneously jailed for 22 months. He was later released on bail but continued missing the hearings that followed. High court then issued non-bailable warrant against him which led to clash between followers and security forces as the mob fired guns, petrol bombs, acid pouches with stones as well brick to stop them from reaching the ashram altogether.

Baba Rampal

Authorities disconnected the ashram with food, water and power supply which led to arrest of Rampal and 492 of his followers. Some even claimed that they had been forced to stay there as human shield with little food or water to protect the Godman.
There are still cases of murder and sedition left on the Rampal which forces the Godman to still live life in jail custody for now.